Drive-in Information

What you should know
before coming to the Drive-In


  • Drive-in entrance is behind the building.
  • Drive-in parking spots are first come first serve.
  • Gates open approximately one hour before posted showtime.
  • There is no reentry once you arrive.  If you decide to leave the lot either by foot or in your vehicle you may not come back into the lot.
  • All 2016-2020 St Michael Cinema Refillable Popcorn Buckets are accepted. The buckets can’t be actually filled, but you’ll receive a fresh bag for every bucket.
  • The bar is available on the main floor. The 2nd floor and the kitchen remain closed.
  • Bring a portable radio or know how to use your car radio.  There are no apps that pick up a drive-in station.
  • Know how to work your car.  Automatic running lights can be turned off.  Make sure you know how to do so.
  • Advance tickets are required for vehicle parking.
  • If you purchased tickets and need to add passengers, you may do so at the ticket stand the night of the movie.
  • Bring your bug spray!
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before showtime to ensure we can get all cars parked safely.  The lot will be closed promptly at the start of the movie.  Late arrivals will be directed to an adjacent lot.
  • Drive-in reservations are non-refundable.  We are thrilled to offer drive-in movies; however, we have limited spots. Because of the advance ticket requirements, we would not have time to resell tickets.
  • There are bathrooms located inside the building (masks required.)
  • Drive-in patio seats will be available soon. This means that your car is parked with an obstructed view.  You bring your lawn chairs to the patio for viewing.  There is a patio radio however depending on where in the patio you sit you may want to bring your own.
  • If you attend a double feature night you do not need to stay for both movies.  Parking lot lights come on after the first movie to help people safely pack up and exit.
  • The concession stand and bar are open until 1/2 hour after the start of the last movie of the night.  Please remember, it is the concession stand that keeps us going.
  • If you drive a truck or large vehicle you will be asked to park in the rear of the lot.
  • You can get out of your car to watch the movie.  You can sit in the space in front of your vehicle.
  • Movies play rain or shine.
  • Bring a blanket or dress for the weather!
  • This is a drive-in.  Come early.  Bring a game or just enjoy sitting in the outdoors.  Drive-ins are all about getting outside, relaxing and having fun.
  • Due to the separate nature of the drive-in, rain checks and passes are not accepted.
  • Showtimes are approximate. Depending on the Sunset, we may need to start later than the posted time.
  • We are thrilled to see all the positive comments and support of our new venture.  Remember to keep an eye on our page for announcements of line ups and events.  Tickets sell out fast!


Single Feature: Adult = $8, 2-11 = $6, 65+ = $6, 1 and under = Free

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