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Le Musique Room

"ST. MICHAEL, MINN., -- December 17, 2015 -- An innovative use of a dark movie theater at The St. Michael Cinema megaplex in St. Michael, Minnesota, has become the area's latest live music venue, thanks to some ingenious thinking on the part of the new owners. Le Musique Room at the St. Michael Cinema 15 (French for The Music Room) -- was originally built as one of the 15 theaters inside the 96,000 sq. foot movie house that now features 13 state-of-the-art movie screens. The new showcase destination is built into theater 15 of the megaplex located at 4300 O'Day Avenue NE, St. Michael, Minnesota.

Music fans can expect incredible sound, lighting and video accouterments in the 199-seat theater and concert space, complete with Parisian design elements that highlight the entire complex."

Source: The Musique Room

Le Musique Room

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