We pop our popcorn with 100% Canola oil and a small amount of salt as well.

All food bought from the concessions counter can be brought into the theaters.

All size popcorns and sodas are free refills.

Yes, all sizes of the popcorns and sodas are free refills for that day only.

Yes, all credit cards at accepted.

We do not accept checks for payment.

We do have small trays you are able to have to share popcorn. Drinking fountains are available in each hallway. Bottled water is available for purchase at the concessions stand.

We are unable to replace lost or damaged tubs. Damage tubs may be exchange for a new bucket for $5.


Any children under the age of 2 can come in for free. Children ages 2-12 require a youth ticket.

Generally, our movie showtimes are confirmed on Mondays for the following weekend and published by that Tuesday.

You may purchase movie tickets with cash at the ticket stand or at the concessions counter.

Bring your conformation to the box office at your earliest convenience to exchange for a new ticket or a rain check.

No, we do not offer reserved seating at this time.

All movie before 6pm are $5. After 6pm ages 0-1 are free, ages 2-12 are $5, ages 12-65 are $7, and ages 65+ is $5.

Yes. You should hold onto your ticket until the movie is over.

A Red Pass will get you into any movie 2 weeks or older for free.

A Raincheck will get you into any movie for free.

Must be 17 and older to purchase a ticket for a R rated movie or have a parent or guardian purchase a ticket for you. A parent may purchase tickets for a group under the age 17 and not attend the movie with them; however, the parent will be held responsible for the actions of the individuals.

Yes, just bring in the conformation for the tickets to the box office and they will give you your refund.

Loyalty Card

The loyalty card is a free, no registration required rewards program that gifts you $10 to use at the concessions stand and the box office once you reach 100 points.

For every dollar you spend at the concessions or at the box office you get one point on your loyalty card. Once your card gets too 100 points you then receive one $10 reward to spend at the box office or at the concession stand.

No registration is required.

The loyalty card is absolutely free to start and to use.

Unfortunately, we do not redeem any old points if you do not have the old card with you.

Yes, we can provide you with a new card as long as you bring in the old card.

The total number of points you have acquired will be on the bottom of your receipt.

Unfortunately, the only way to check how many points you is to look at the bottom of your receipt.

The next time make sure to ask the cashier helping you if you have any rewards to use.

Yes we can transfer your points to a new card as long as you have your old card with you.

Le Bar uses a completely different POS system so the loyalty cards cannot be used at Le Bar.

Le Bar

Mon-Thur: 3:30pm-8:30pm Friday: 2pm-11pm Saturday: 12pm-11pm Sunday: 12pm-8:30pm

Yes, happy hour is Mon-Fri from 3:30-6.

Yes, canned beverages and drinks in plastic cups are allowed throughout the building, including the auditoriums. Alcohol cannot leave the building.

Yes, you can. You can either sit at one of the tables and eat your food or you can enjoy it in any auditorium.


You can get to auditoriums 1 and 9-15 from the second floor.

Alcohol purchased from the theater is permitted throughout the building. Outside alcohol is not allowed.

We do not allow any outside containers into the theater. That includes water bottles, buckets, and bags of any type.

The Le Musique Room is a separate entity from the St. Michael Cinema. Visit their website at lemusiqueroom.com or contact their box office at 612-314-9199 to purchase tickets.

The third floor is our largest event space that we have. It is used for graduation parts, birthday parties, company get together, and even weddings. See the Events tab for more info.

Although we do not have a formal restaurant, we do offer a large selection of hot food at the concession stand and Le Bar. (Not: While most items are available at both the concession stand and Le Bar, some items may only be available at one or the other.)

Recliners are provided in the first 2 rows of all the theaters except in theaters 1 and 8.

The first 2 rows in the auditoriums with reclining seats are situated where many theaters 3rd and 4th rows are. Once reclined you have a perfect, not to close, view of the entire screen.

Yes, it is located by the front doors.

Yes, you may come in as your favorite movie character, but we do reserve the right to prohibit certain customs or accessories. Any specific rules will be posted at the box office.

Unfortunately, we do not accept any type gifted cards except our own St. Michael Cinema gift cards.

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